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Used by rights holders and their partners at range of events… from football, rugby and basketball matches, through concerts and music festivals, up to historic events such as Olympics and US Presidential Inaugurations, FanPic introduces a new sponsorship inventory and allows to engage and connect with audiences to maximise the value of sponsorship activations.


Combine Pixartag competitions features with lead generation to make customer data collection more effective.

Engage Depper

Enhance fan experience and capitalize on their passion allowing the to share their “I was there” moment to create deeper and more meaningful connection.

Collect Customer Data

Combine Pixartag competitions features with lead generation to make customer data collection more effective.

Deliver Explosive Reach

With content that engages, Pixartag delivers a powerful social amplification of your activation campaigns.

Imagine massive picture allowing fans to zoom in, find themselves and share their branded “I WAS THERE” moment delivering earned reach and lead generation for sponsoring brand and event organiser

Massive Picture

Taken in less than 10 minutes during the event, launched 24 hours after, multi billion pixel image of the crowd allows fans to zoom in, find themselves and tag, generating a branded selfie, which they can be share with friends.

Platform & Application

We fully control branded frame appearing on users photos and copy on posts and tweets including #tags and backlinks. Deep integration with social networks, allows us to generate explosive reach for the sponsor and event organiser.

Competitions & Gamification

All Pixartag visitors can search for items hidden in the crowd. We can hide up to 5 different items. Fans use a radar to find them. After treasure hunt / tagging the user is prompted to leave their data to enter a competition.

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