You have the image,
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Creating emotions and
connecting with the audience

Massive Picture

Taken the image of the crowd in a few minutes during the event and launched 24-48 hours later, it allows fans to zoom in, find and tagthemselves, generating a brand selfie, which they can share with their friends and on social networks.

Platform & Application

We fully control branded frame appearing on users photos and copy on posts and tweets including #tags and backlinks.

Deep integration with social networks, allows us to generate explosive reach for the sponsor and event organiser.

Competitions & Gamification

All Pixartag visitors can search for items hidden in the crowd. After treasure hunt / tagging the user is prompted to leave their data to enter a competition.



We work with you before the event to design and plan what your brand needs.


We receive the high-resolution photos directly to our cloud so that the production team can start working immediately in the offices.


We merge the images in a super high gigapixels resolution image of 360 °.


We integrate to the gigapixel image the functionality for interactivity on the internet and in social media and, where appropriate, we design the specific landing page for your brand with a personalized appearance.


We activate the image to make it public and we turn on the interactivity process.

Pixartag se toma con equipos de vanguardia que producen cientos de imágenes de alta resolución que luego las unimos en una imagen en gigapixeles y la integramos para que la vean los fanáticos en aproximadamente 24-48 horas, dependiendo del tamaño del evento.

Following the publication


It improves the fans experience and capitalizes on their passion, allowing them to share their moment of "I was there" to create a deeper and more meaningful connection.

Collect customer data

It combines the functions of Pixartag with lead generation to obtain customer data more effectively.


With images that hook, Pixartag offers a powerful extension of its internet and social media campaigns.


Pixartag is an incredible tool
for engaging fans

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